Things have been rocky around here to say the least.
First off, Mark and I bought a new Hyundai Sante Fe, which we love. However, we told the car dealership before we bought it that they needed to repair the leaking transfer case we found when we inspected it. This is a $4,000 problem with the car.

To make a long story short, its taken almost two months for us to A) Argue with them about actually fixing it B)Getting them to fix it RIGHT, and C) Scheduling appointments because no one at the dealership communicates with each other. As of earlier this week they agreed to fix it, and the part will be in on Monday and we can go from there. Once its installed I'm going to have Mark double check that it was A) installed right and B)Actually what they promised.

but now that that is all dealt with I feel A LOT of weight off my shoulders.

Other then that I was moved from 8-1pm shifts, to 1-6pm shifts, which are a lot more stressful and have caused both of us girls working in the evening to break down more then once. Finally tonight we had a good night, but I blame a lot of it on a particular co-worker getting fired tonight. So hopefully it will look up from there. Just frustrating in general, really.

Otherwise, Plowing through Halloween Commissions that I offered on FA ($15 for a colored character. Too cheap for my opinion but I wasn't getting any bites). It feels nice to complete some artwork in a timely manner. :)

Anyhoo. Hope everyone else is doing great. I read everyone posts, but I just don't respond to a lot. But I'm thinking of you guys!!

Writer's Block: Happy birthday John Lennon!

Do you think there will ever be world peace?

No. Human beings are too selfish, self righteous, bigoted and close-minded as a race to ever over look each others differences long enough to realize that 'the other guy' isn't actually all that bad.

Though I can think of several hundred people who DON'T fit that description above, there aren't enough of them to make a difference. Hence why I need to put them all on an island with me and we can be hippies or something together :P

NOW I feel pregnant...(WARNING: PUKE STORY)

So, Today I was sitting down, enjoying some TV (Deadliest catch ftw.) and eating some left over sweet and sour chicken. I was almost done, we're talking last bite-ful, and my stomach made a weird feeling. Suddenly I threw up in my mouth, just a little, enough I could scream for Mark (who was taking up the bathroom) and when I realized he didn't hear me, I ran to the kitchen to grab a pan out of the cupboard because I could feel myself getting ready to blow again, right as I reached up to grab the pot? Whamm-mo. I threw up all over our stove, myself, and the floor.

So what do I do? I started bawling. I felt so gross, I rarely puke, and have never puked on myself or a expensive kitchen appliance. So I go to the bathroom, and bawling ask Mark to let me in, he panics, opens the door and sees me "Covered in puke, tears and face just beat red".

He was very sweet. I told him what happened (To which is promptly made fun of me for not turning around and puking on the dirty dishes "They were going to be washed anyway!") and then helped me get all the pukey cloths off and get me showered, then together we cleaned the stove off.. it took like 20 minutes to clean the stove. I somehow got it INSIDE the closed stove.

He then went and got me some 7-up and let me relax on the couch watching some more Deadliest catch till a few minutes ago. I'm braving a pop-sickle now, and later I may try and eat something, since now I haven't eaten all day.

Otherwise, You can feel my 'bump' sort of popping out now, not quite a lot, but for me who sees my body every day I notice it. Its also a bit more firm. I'm guessing I'll pop for real in a few weeks. I'll be 14 weeks on Wednesday.

Nothing else exciting to report, even pregnant we have a pretty boring life here :P

How does it work, Basil?

Hey guys, I know a lot of you are con goers, so I had a question for you.

Which place at a con is it that its first come, first serve for tables, and its free to set up and sell? Is this very successful? Would this be a good spot to try out for a first time seller?

So far I have 3 pieces I have prints of, and I will have two 8.5x11 originals and one 11x17 painting, three bookmark designs.. and thats it.

Should I wait till next year and start earlier getting 'ready' or whats your normal 'stock' for a con?

Quest for Fire: Ika

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I don't feel pregnant. I feel fat.

Nothing has changed physically for me to make me feel 'pregnant'. I've never had a period, so I don't miss that, I don't feel the bump yet (I'm 10 weeks), etc.

So. Still not feeling very pregnant. I feel like a whale. and this bitch I work with keeps telling me I should exercise, and she KNOWS I'm pregnant and it makes me feel even worse.
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I got a hold of the OB, and my first appointment is Thursday :D I'm excited. We'll find out exactly how far along I am, and more general information about how to care for myself during.

The only down-side of this appointment being on Thursday is the fact that they had me stop my depression medication cold turkey on Monday. So I've been off my Celexa for 5 days now, and the withdraw symptoms are absolutely killing me.

This is the same fight I had a few months ago when we tried to take me off of Celexa only to have these side effects, and my doctor and I decided for my health, it was better to stay on. I think she told me to come off of them to cover her butt till the OB can have the final say. I've been told that its alright to be on Celexa at a low dosage (10 mg, which is half of what I'm on now) but I won't do it till the OB tells me.

Anyway. So now I feel like I did a few months ago. I'll randomly feel like crying, but more frustrating is the vertigo, nausea, headaches and weakness. Another thing I'm worried about, is one of the nurses I talked to when I asked so talk to someone about it, said she was going to have someone call back a.s.a.p as well, because their afraid the withdraw symptoms might effect the baby. I hate to think of my baby going through these same symptoms. It bet it'd be like a silly silo up in my womb. I can imagine the baby going BURRRLLLLLLLGGGGGP.

Hopefully later today I'll get some good news when they call back. I'm excited to have a date for my appointment though.

*****EDIT*** After .. awhile on the phone, the OBs are arguing about if I should be on this or not, and are now telling me to 'suck it up' till they get my history on Thursday..

So. About this baby thing.

So first and foremost, thank you to everyone whose commented in all the different places congratulating me, you guys are so awesome and supportive and I thank you SO SO much.

I wanted to ask you all something. I've been friends with most of you for longer then I've been with Mark, and even if you cannot be here with me, I want you to be involved in some small way. So here is my question:

1)Do you guys care if I post baby stuff (I.e. pictures of the belly every now and then, ultrasound) nothing too graphic or too often.
2)Would you prefer I make a special "baby" filter, and if so do you want on it?

Thank you again for all your support guys. I'm super excited. I'm looking into commissioning an artist to sorta commemorate this great news.

First OB appointment is next week, then I find out exactly how far along I am!


So, BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER?! My b-day was Friday, Marks was today - and today we found out that I'm about one month pregnant!!!!

We found out at about 3:30 today, we have to decide on an OB, and then from there we will have our ultrasound to find out just how far along we are, and when the due date is, but by my math, the baby will be do in March sometime!!


Hourly graphic artist??? :\

So I got a job offer from a local company that knows me via another contract I have with another company.

This company is a t-shirt/logo/printing press company, that basically wants to pay me an hourly wage to draw them images that then then turn around and print on t-shirts, beer cozies..anything they can put ink on.

My issue is, is with an hourly wage, I don't think their even considering any compensation for the fact that I'm losing all rights to the image. I told them that I am interested, but I needed to do some research on what I felt was a fair compensation rate for my work and how I would prefer to be paid. AKA, I needed to talk to you guys :D

So here are the specs from this job offer:

Company A calls company B and says "We want this on a t-shirt". Company B then calls me and says "We'd like to to design this for us to print for company A". This is not a full time job, its basically a freelance job. Even company B didn't know this was called freelance he just said it was "Sorta part time"...*palmface* Anyway. After I would complete said image, all rights to the image would then belong to company B would could use it at any time for a profit, years and years down the line.

My questions are,

A) Is this a job that I REALLY want to undertake with people who are unsure of the industry?

B) What would be a fair compensation rate for me to ask for per design? I told them I would rather be paid one lump sum for the graphic, then hourly. That way I could be compensated for the rights to the image (I told him that too).

Opinions, opinions! :3 Please help me out :) I appreciate it.