...I found something I want to buy for Tali. Not because she needs it, but because I think their too cute to pass up, dammit.

So help me choose!!

Red Dragon (For obvious reasons. I sorta like my red dragon.. :D):

Kitty(We're super kitty people):

Vote! :D


Super stressed out by work. Mostly just wanting to sit at home and relax with Mark. I seriously feel like everyone I work with is like.. 10 years old.

I'm going to sit here and enjoy my chocolate covered pretzels and ignore the world now :|

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Anyone else feel like Christmas just snuck up on us? Feels like it went super fast this year.

Also, I just heard a customer refer to his mini-van as a 'shitty-van'. :P


So I finally got a chance to play Skyrim tonight, and as I'm making my Khajiit character, Mark keeps hollering "Name it Mittens!" "Name it Meowmix!" *palmface*

I only got to the second town in the sort of tutorial thing, before Mark wanted to play again, so I'll play some more tomorrow when he goes to work :P


Have I mentioned that I'm worried that at 19 weeks I haven't started to show? I know I'm probably freaking out per-maturely, but .. I worry.


Sick sick sick.
I feel like I have a golf ball sized wad of mucus in the back of my throat that I keep hacking at. Mark says I sound like a cat hacking up a hair ball XD lol.
Otherwise, Baby's been kicking me REALLY hard at night too, so bad that it's woken me from a dead sleep twice. I have dark purple bruises under my eyes so bad I look like a frickin' vampire.

I get to sleep in tomorrow, and I've also gone back to morning shifts at work (1-8) instead of the 1-6pm I was working. So I think that will help too, being able to take a nap during the afternoon.

Not much otherwise going on. One week till we find out the babys sex! :D

Halloween, Mom, baby bump.

Halloween Party
Oh man, Last night I went out and had the most amazing time ever. Mark and I, and a bunch of friends from work went to a local small bar. They were having a costume contest/Halloween party. First it was so awesome to see everyone all dressed up and all the hilarious costumes (Best ones of the night, one guy had a bathroom wall hung around his neck with a hole in it and a dildo sticking out the hole - he was a Glory Hole! The other really funny one was a guy dressed as a priest and he had a small doll that looked like a little boy hanging from his belt.. XD)

Mark and I were pretty lame, We put on some nice cloths (I wore a little black dress) and then put on some mascaraed masks. I was DD (Obviously) and Mark decided to take the opportunity to get absolutely hammered. They were all doing shots of hot damn, and then someone decided to have Mark take a shot of Prairie Fire, which to be honest looked like someone poured vodka over Tabasco sauce. Mark was coughing and weezeing and had tears in his eyes afterward, but everyone (even Mark) was laughing about it because his facial expression was hilarious. They also tried to pay him $300 to suck the dick on Glory hole guy.. lmfao.

But between all the good friends, the karaoke (horrible singing makes for more laughs) and the good songs being played (The whole bar singing I like big butts was awesome) it was an epic time. Only made better by the fact that I didn't drink honestly, because I remember it all!!!

Finally also got to see my Mom after like.. two weeks? We've both had conflicting scheduled that kept us from seeing each other and tonight I had Mark drop me off so we could hang out for a bit. It wasn't a long time, which I do feel bad about, but at least I got to see her, give her some hugs and kisses and in general really enjoy her company. I promised I'd find a way to come over again this week. <3 <3 Cause I missed her!

So, I've sorta popped. When I stand up, you can see my belly. I'm carrying pretty high though, I'd say you can see it all the way almost to my breasts. Its just a slight raise up, and then lower down its more pronounced.
I have decided, however, I dislike people touching my stomach. I don't think I'd ever come out and say anything to anyone about not touching it, but it makes me very uncomfortable - even my own mom. The only person I think I'd be 'okay' with touching it is Mark. Otherwise when people rub it and stuff I just feel fat. :( I definitely would never tell my mom not to though, because this is a huge joy to her and I don't want to spoil it in any way shape or form. I cannot wait to give my Mom a grand baby!

Anyhoo. Going to go play the Sims 3 while working on some commissions :)